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CHOCOLATE (Ages 5-8) 2014-15

Mickey’s mother is not happy with his eating habits and confiscates his precious chocolate! Mickey then has a bad dream in which he goes looking for more chocolate in a comic adventure full of action, music and colourful characters. The play’s carefully graded speech, controlled interaction and subtle repetition enable the audience to help Mickey find his chocolate, whilst also addressing the important issues of healthy eating and exercise. Constant comic interaction, songs, music and dancing guarantee a fun immersion in 110% native English for students and teachers!

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GROWING PAINS (Ages 9-12) 2014-15

Thirteen year old Ricky Jones has a big imagination and is always daydreaming about adventures to escape the ups and downs of real life. With constant interaction and student participation, this day-in-the-life of Ricky will take the audience on a fun-packed comical and musical journey. In return, the audience helps Ricky to survive yet another day with his freaky parents, a frightening bully, a fierce teacher and… first love! “Tweenies” will absolutely love Growing Pains with its familiar characters, comic situations, original songs, relevant themes and interactive immersion in 110% English!

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THE 39 STEPS (Ages 12-16) 2014-15

Using our trademark interactive style and combining dynamic physical performances with great music and sound effects, Clever Pants turns John Buchan’s famous novel into an action-packed musical comedy for the stage. Our hero, Richard Hannay becomes accidentally involved in a fast moving murder-mystery adventure full surprises and suspense. Performed in a dynamic interactive style by three very experienced native actors, this comic thriller guarantees both students and teachers a really fun theatrical immersion in 110% English.

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THE GREAT GATSBY (Ages 16+ & Adult) *2014-15

Clever Pants presents its comic version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel set in 1920s United States during the “Prohibition” period. Students will be captivated by this tragic love story about the mysterious multimillionaire Jay Gatsby, famous for his amazing parties and his obscure past. Thanks to Clever Pants’ trademark interactive style and the dynamic talents of three native actors the play is fast-paced, but easy to follow. All in all, a totally motivating and entertaining theatrical immersion in 110% English is guaranteed for students AND teachers with this highly original version of one of the 20th century’s great novels.

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